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Posted 8/13/2007 6:40pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

We were graced with an inch of rain and the heat subsided for about 10 days. This week we're back up to into the 90s. We are harvesting triple digits of tomatoes and zucchini for the first time this season! Our eggplant looks (and tastes) fabulous this year. We've been busy getting our fall crops into the earth, cover-cropping and drying many types of flowers. We just started planning our fall harvest dinner, featuring some very talented chefs and delicous local foods. Should be hoot!

Posted 7/16/2007 10:59pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

The fields are looking great and the tomatoes are coming on by the box now. The heat is making all of our eggplants, peppers, melons grow inches by the minute. We have a great crew here this season and the farm is getting more streamlined by the week !

Posted 7/10/2007 5:07pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

The heat is on! Our skies are hazy with the sign of fire, and we are finally beginning to catch our breath after a whirlwind of weeding. Just as we put down gloves it is time to pick up the buckets and snips. The fields are a riot of color with ruddies, cosmos and ageradam in full bloom. Our sheep seem to have gotten to rythm of the morning milking and the csa boxes are keeping us busy. Looking up from trellising tomatoes this afternoon, it was a delight to see a young family cooling down and enjoying the pond.

Posted 7/10/2007 5:07pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.
Posted 6/19/2007 3:21pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

Summer is finally upon us as we have begun to go to the farmers markets and the weeds are overwhelming.  We are thankful to be eating out of the garden again as the peas, carrots, beets, fennel, and the first cherry tomatoe are on!  The flowers are quickly filling up our new cooler and we can not wait to get our CSA under way.  If you are interested give us a call and we can add you to the list, which will give you access to the CSA (members only) part of the website.  Look for more pictures to come, as we come up for air and before the harvest part of the year.  Come stop by and see things growing! 

Posted 4/5/2007 8:49pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

The ewe's have been sheared and lambing has begun !  We are planting away furiously and the greenhouse is busting at the seams. Happy spring days !

Posted 3/21/2007 9:05am by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

The hightunnel plastic is on and tight and we are all here to still talk about it. We only almost took  flight once during the whole endeavor ! Two new baby goats have been added to the herd yippee!

Posted 3/19/2007 8:22pm by Don Lareau & Daphne Yannakakis.

Tulips are here and the second high tunnel is about to have plastic stretched on it tomorrow ! The lilacs are breaking dormancy and the first fresh goat milk of the season was had this morning. We will be offering a special early season subscription package for our tulip bouquets through Easter see current products for more info!


 Click here for more information on the tulip special!

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