Kids on Farms

We are very proud to have hosted kids on our farm from the beginning.  Through the generous help and collaboration of Ana Gall and the Kampe Foundation, we have hosted preschool aged through high school kids on our farm.  We have created a curriculum that involves our animals, vegetables and getting a bit dirty on the farm.  From identifying vegetables, watching the goats being milked, making felt from the wool of our sheep to simply playing in the pond, and camping out, we love having the kids here.  There is nothing like a ten year old looking at you and reminding you about how much fun it is on the farm, especially in spring.  We believe in providing a rounded education that matches the level of the students.  There are so many lessons that can be learned on the farm and we enjoy the evolving process of working with different age groups.  Thanks to all the parents and teachers who bring the kids out here for a day on the farm.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in having your class visit the farm.


Sophia and Lambs

Are you my Mommy?


Learning to weed the garlic. 


Making Fresh Chevre



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