On Farm Research/HighTunnel Research

This is a video featuring our farm and the research we have been involved with through CSU and the WSARE program.


Below is an account of a research project that we did on the farm about growing early season cut flowers and maketing them in the early season.

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Market research and analysis for early direct market sales of cut flowers was conducted during the 2006 Farmer’s market season through primary and secondary sources. The primary research was conducted through a survey instrument that was developed and presented at the Southwest Marketing Network conference in Grand Junction, CO in the spring of 2006. The survey was distributed through website channels, at the Aspen and Carbondale farmer’s market and through Stinky Blooms Flower CSA. We received pertinent information on the purchasing preference of our customers which has enabled us to develop the floral products for our targeted Easter and Mother’s Day bouquet sales as well as early direct market sales. Temperature data was collected from the high tunnel by a HOBO data logger by which the indoor and outdoor soil and air temperatures were recorded. The maximum, minimum and average temperatures for each sensor were calculated and plotted on graphs. The growing degree days for the indoor and outdoor air temperatures, as well as, indoor and outdoor soil GDD were calculated from the temperature data exhibiting a distinct difference. A preliminary trial of cut flowers was conducted. Planting and harvest dates, stem lengths and flower quality were observed for certain varieties in order to determine which will be was most successful to grow for the Easter and Mother’s Day holidays of 2007. An overall increase in flower quality and stem length was observed for most of the flowers.


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